Emil Hemdal

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About me

I work at Zacco Digital Trust as a developer and penetration tester.

I have a master in computer systems and networks from Chalmers University of Technology.

I did my master thesis at Ericsson on the topics of Erlang and Intel SGX. It has the the title "Erlang SGX" and is avaliable here: https://odr.chalmers.se/handle/20.500.12380/302200?locale=en
The thesis is about enclaving Erlang using Intel SGX.

I'm currently working with Security Assessment, Risk Analysis, and Pentesting (fun stuff). I'm also a resource consultant, currently coding in Java and working with Kubernetes, Kafka, Argo.

My current area of interest in the field of technology is networking and security, but also making developers lives better through awesome CI/CD flows and DevOps/DevSecOps.


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